Dear Love Birds

My dearest newlyweds and dating friends,

You guys are awesome.

These days your happiness is like grandma on Botox (pun intended). Your constant public displays of affection is unrelenting and endearing to you, and although it can be annoying to those of us who live outside the circumference of your cupid bubble/love nest/science lab – one thing that is certain is your Love. Geniuine Love. A LOVE so real it can’t be faulted, because in light of everything else Love trumps all things.

By all means, you should be annoyingly happy. You should laugh at each other’s lame jokes, finish each other’s sentences and post EVERY couples seflie together on Facebook and Instagram and tweet to your hearts content; and rightfully so, hit every social media outlet this modern technology savvy generation has access to.

You deserve to stay up all night talking. Thoughts of each other should consume your mind, consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously – whatever, you deserve it.

Your expectations as a friend is in no way lessened by your lack of attention to us. You are now investing time, energy and love into creating new memories with your new found relationship. Girl Codes or Brotherhood bonds are expected to be breached. You’re discovering the most valuable gift ever created.

Love is like a hall pass. You don’t get it all the time, but when you do go for it. Take the car for a spin.

You are living the dream. My dream.

You’ve all found your significant other and are both serving God faithfully in your different pockets of ministry, add children to the mix and you will then be the wealthiest people in both the known and unknown universe. Love is the highest form of currency. It created this world into existence. It purchased our life, our freedom on Calvary 2000+ years ago.

Your love is beautiful. Never apologize for it.

I’m learning a lot from you all.

Can I let you in on a secret?

I am going to be a better spouse and mother than you ever were.

Now, before your blood temperature sky rockets to the heavens, rebounding off the pearly gates and hits mars; and your fuse shortens at the speed of light, pop a chill pill hear me out.

I may have existed outside the circumference of your cupid bubble, but I never left. I’ve been here and I’ve been watching (sorry there really is no other way to say it without sounding like a stalker but you feel my flow)

I’ve witnessed you all do all sorts of crazy and dumb things in the name of love, while you were off on your ridiculously prolonged honeymoon faze, I was here. When you climbed on and off your high horse and picked fights and argued your opinion until the cows, lost sheep and unicorns returned home I was here. I’ve watched you reach new levels of humility and grace to reconcile, I have seen you nurture, create joy and impart love everywhere you go.

From the bun in the oven , how you’ve dealt with pregnancy and labour to the way you’ve nurtured and raised your children. It’s like I’ve had front row seats to the highs and lows of your lives, and although exceedingly entertaining, for the most part it’s proven to be extremely educational.

In the whirlwind of commendable and priceless learning curves. I never left. I shared all those moments with you. Loved when you did, laughed, screamed, cried, rejoiced and mourned with you.

What I have learnt at your expense is astronomical and I will be a better spouse and mother, because of you.

Thank you for praying for my husband, I swear not a week goes by where one of ya’ll don’t tell me that you’re praying for him, that you feel that my season is very close and that’s he’s going to be amazing. It’s both annoyingly irritating and comforting at the same time. I am a super secure person, but I must admit it is nice to be reminded from time to time.

But I will say, that it’s time I draw a line in the sand. 

Please keep your dating tips to yourselves. I’m know it comes from a good place and your intentions are unquestionably genuine but keep I’d rather you keep it there, you know, in that place you got it from. And your intentions, keep that to yourself also.

I am grown woman and single but I’m okay about it. Contrary to popular belief, I actually am single by choice.

If I wanted a boyfriend I’d get one. I’m not interested in potential boyfriends, I’m a little passed that, I need a potential husband.

None knows me better than I know myself. You know my passions and aspirations but I know me. My limits and undisclosed flaws, and it’s because of that, I don’t date. This stand keeps my salvation intact and the expansion of Gods kingdom fruitful.

I know what I want for my future. This is just my now.

I don’t need to shop around the Christian circles to find him. He’s out there somewhere.

This “ME TIME” - I actually need. There’s so much of myself that needs to undergo reconstructive surgery before we go on the shelf.

So whenever he decides to make himself known, I’ll be ready. Until then I’m okay with the process.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to watch you and learn from your successes and failures. Happily making new friends and forming incredible relationships along the way.


His girl.


Love ?

To be in Love? I barely remember the feeling. Its existence within is uncertain.

What is Love?

Is it a feeling?

An emotion?

A moment?

A person?

It’s been so long since I’ve known love; true love, I think that my endorphins are starting to collect dust and shrivel up.

I know that it is defined in 1Cor13 - I can quote the entire chapter 

I know that it is displayed throughout the life of Jesus

I know that it is John 3:16 - I can preach the sermon to you

I know that it is how you end a conversation or email

I know that it is forgiveness, truth, life and grace

I know that it is Calvary and sacrifice.

Vertical love I know. God is love and that’s undisputed truth - that love  I get, I feel, I understand.

But what is Love off the pages?


What is it to love someone so much it hurts? To love without fault?

Is it possible to feel or get back something you never truly had?


- ???

Spent the morning with a handsome fireman today and admired the beauty of Gods creation w/out any lustful thoughts… Ya’ll don’t even know … lol #Winning

When your heart is the only one that skips a beat; that semi sucks but on the bright side you look friggen fantastic.

Lorde is everywhere !

Stopping By Fry’s grocery store for some Breakfast Essesntials & Lookey who I bumped into… Hello Lorde! #NewZealandTalent